Anna Matilda Valli


Hirvitalo or Pispala Center of Contemporary Art is a self-organized, non-profit cultural space established in 2006 in Pispala, Tampere. The house serves as an event, activism and exhibition space which is open to all and for all. Its main aim is to stimulate local cultural activities and enrich all kinds of artistic and cultural happenings in the community. Hirvitalo is a living room for people from Pispala and elsewhere.

In fall 2014 the City Board administers proposed the house, owned by the city of Tampere, to be sold. Selling it would endanger the existence of Hirvitalo and its activity.

A space is an abstract concept. A building itself is not a space. People within it create an atmosphere and a meaning. However without a building a sense of community would not be possible.